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Let our chapel be a part of your story.

Beautiful, Unique, & Welcoming


Rich in history but full of modern conveniences, we think you’ll find our beautiful old chapel a great place for your wedding. 

Special Events

The Chapel at Morning Star also hosts special events -- baptisms, family gatherings, live music performances, baby showers, photo shoots, and birthday parties. 

  • Can I visit the chapel before I book?
    Absolutely! Chapel visits are by appointment only. Please contact us to book a time.
  • What is the cost to book the chapel for a wedding?
    The chapel rents for $500.00. That gives you 1 hour for your rehearsal and 2 hours on the day of your wedding. If you need more time, the cost is $100.00 per hour.
  • Does the chapel rent for events other than weddings?
    Yes! If you have a special event the cost is $300 for 2 hours.
  • Is there a pastor available?
    We do have a pastor and a minister of music but they set their own schedules and cost. You may use your own minster, but they must be a ordained Christian minister. Pre-marital counseling is optional. For more information, please contact 704-847-4502.
  • Is there a piano and/or sound system?
    There is a piano (tuned 4 times a year) and organ for your use. There is also a sound system, but it can only be used by pre-approved personnel at a cost of $125.00. We will handle arranging the sound system personnel.
  • Is there room for a reception?
    The chapel does have a small caterers kitchen and reception room. We also have 6 foot round and rectangular tables and chairs that are included in the cost. The only alcohol permitted is wine for communion. The property does not permit any outside tents to be set up on the grounds.
  • Is there a bride's room?
    We do have a bride’s room that is perfect for those pre-ceremony prepatory photographs! The rest of the wedding party, though, should arrive appropriately prepared for the ceremony.
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